Spring is in full swing!

2024 has been the year of the dog so far with kennels regularly full to over capacity as Jessica explains in this video
Yet, as time rolls further into Spring, it is also coming into kitten season!ย  Look at these statistics for just one single day:

There are just 7 to 8 full & part timers caring for all these souls every day of the year!

You can help us save lives by fostering!
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THANK YOU COMMUNITY! We know we ask a lot. We need a lot.ย  And we are grateful for your support!

HSO also has a lot of opportunities for you to put the FUN in FUNdraisers! We’ve had more of you than ever putting events on for us which we are incredibly grateful for!
Here are a couple upcoming events:

Thank you to Erika Bissett for putting this all together!
Link to event page


Thank you to Sana Hayes and Sisters Cascade for putting on this event!
Link to event page



Cowabunga! This blast from the past put on by HSO is gonna be dope!

Link to event