Kitten Season is HERE! 🙀

Click to see some adorable kitties!!

HSO has around 115 cats and kittens and counting!  How can you help?

FOSTER:  We are always grateful for fosters (around 60% of our kitty population is adorable little kittens). We provide all the materials you could need in addition to our gratitude! Contact us 541-447-7178  Learn more and apply here! 

ADOPT:  Below is just a fraction of the fluffers available.  Check out our Petfinder (or Facebook for the most current information)

DONATE Kitten care can be quite expensive with the costs of KMR feeding, spay or neuter; microchipping, and vaccines plus any medical treatment. With an adoption fee of just $95, it is rare that their cost of care is covered so we really appreciate supporter generosity to help with these costs!  If you’d rather shop our Amazon wish list for the kitties, KMR is always needed!

LAST, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST!  If you can’t afford to financially support, not ready to foster or adopt, it’s OK!! Sign up for Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards Program. Costs you nothing, and means the world to HSO because we receive donations on your shopping!!! How cool is that?! 😎   SIGN UP HERE

SHARE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: It really helps!! Sharing is caring.